Turkish Strawberry Jam

Turkish Strawberry Jam
100% natural ingredients
no preservatives
no artificial flavors or colors
origin: TURKEY
Brand: ŞENER
Weıght: 380gr (glass jar)
Enjoy the rich, fruit-filled taste spread on toast, for a delicious breakfast or a simple but tasty snack!

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Turkish Strawberry Jam

Turkish Strawberry jam is one of the indispensable products of the dinner table, especially in the morning. Strawberry jam is one of the most consumed desserts around the world. In Turkiye, especially strawberry jam is a part of our traditional breakfast. Strawberry jam, which is consumed quite often with bread, cheese, and butter, is a type of jam obtained by boiling strawberries with sugar. Jam not only provides economic savings but also ensures that you are not deprived of the taste of summer fruits during the winter months.

Strawberry is one of the healthiest foods with both its taste and the vitamins it contains. It is possible to obtain the benefits of strawberry, which is the raw material of strawberry jam, from strawberry jam.

Another product made with sugar that is often confused with jam is marmalade. However, jam differs from marmalade both in its preparation and its taste. While the fruit to be used in jam-making is used as a whole, the fruit used to make marmalade is crushed and used as a puree. Another difference between jam and marmalade is in the taste. While the jam is sweeter, the fruit flavor outweighs the marmalade.

When sweet and crowded happy mornings are thought, jam, one of the indispensable products of breakfast and made by our mothers, comes to mind. That’s why children love jam, which is one of the unique flavors of our delicious breakfasts.

What Are the Ingredients Used in Strawberry Jam?

Apart from the secrets of jam masters, there is a recipe for jam that has been used for centuries. The most important ingredient in the jam recipe is undoubtedly the fruit that will be used in making it. The ingredients used in making strawberry jam, which has an important place among jam types, are as follows:

  • Strawberry
  • Candy
  • Lemon salt or lemon juice

Although these materials are generally used in jam-making, some people may prefer products such as butter. Although not very good fruits can be preferred in jam making, it is recommended not to do this, that is, to prefer fresh fruits. Because a jam that does not taste good will both be a waste of time and cause the jam not to be consumed. In order to fully see the benefits of the fruit in the jam, it is necessary to prefer natural fruits that do not use GMOs and are natural in production.

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Jam?

Turkish Strawberry jam is one of the most preferred jam types. When the taste and health benefits of strawberry jam are examined, it proves once again why it should be preferred. The benefit of strawberry jam was discovered long ago in the Ottoman period and started to be consumed for healing purposes. The benefits of strawberry jam known today can be summarized as follows:

  • Strawberry jam is one of the cancer-protective jams.
  • Strawberry jam provides strengthening and strengthening of bones.
  • Strawberry jam is one of the jams that draws attention with its blood-purifying feature.
  • Strawberry jam strengthens the immune system thanks to the vitamin C it contains.
  • Strawberry jam also prevents heart diseases, one of the diseases of our age.
  • Strawberry jam reduces the fire and prevents the fire from coming out.
  • Another well-known benefit of strawberry jam is that it prevents vascular occlusion.
  • Strawberry jam is a food that is also very effective in passing intestinal problems.
  • Strawberry jam is a very effective food in eliminating bad breath and gum problems.





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