Turkish Cherry Jam

Turkish CherryJam
100% natural ingredients
no preservatives
no artificial flavors or colors (45% Fruits)
origin: TURKEY
Brand: ŞENER
Weıght: 380gr (glass jar)
Enjoy the rich, fruit-filled taste spread on toast, for a delicious breakfast or a simple but tasty snack!

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Turkish Cherry Jam

Cherry jam is an indispensable product of especially morning breakfasts. Cherry jam has a very special place among jam types with the taste of the cherry fruit and the sweetness of the jam. Sour cherry jam is a frequently preferred food as butter, cheese, and bread.

Turkish Cherry Jam is a product produced by boiling the preferred fruit with sugar. Jam is often confused with marmalade, both in its preparation and its taste. However, jam and marmalade are very different products. Jam and marmalade differ from each other in terms of both production and taste. While the fruit preferred in jam making is used as a whole, the fruit preferred in marmalade is made by making puree. Another difference between jam and marmalade is in the taste. While the fruit flavor is sweeter in jam, it is more dominant in marmalade.

Since sour cherry is one of the very healthy fruits and this fruit is the raw material of sour cherry jam, sour cherry jam is a portion of very healthy food. Jam is also an economically useful product. Although it is not recommended for jam-making, fruits with no economic value can also be preferred. However, this option is not recommended as the desired taste of the jam will not be achieved, as it will be a waste of both time and effort.

Jam, one of the most important breakfast products of Turkish culture, is very important even in our own short history. Because when we look at our childhood, jam is among the unique tastes of the cheerful breakfasts of the mornings.

Ingredients of Cherry Jam?

Since the most important raw material of jam making is undoubtedly fruit, it is recommended that the selected raw material be fresh. The raw materials used in making sour cherry jam, which is one of the most popular types of jam, are as follows:

  • Cherry
  • Lemon salt or lemon juice
  • Suger

It is recommended to use fresh fruit in jam making. Another preferred ingredient when making jam is butter. However, butter is not a material that can be preferred by everyone.

What are the Benefits of Cherry Jam?

Sour cherry, which is the raw material used in making sour cherry jam, is one of the healthiest fruits. For this reason, sour cherry jam is a very important food in terms of its benefits. Jam has been consumed not only as a dessert but also as a healing stone since the Ottoman period. When the benefits of sour cherry jam are examined, it is better understood why jam is preferred. The benefits of sour cherry jam can be summarized as follows:

  • Cherry jam is a very rich food in terms of vitamins A and C.
  • Cherry jam is a very rich food in terms of calcium, phosphorus, and potassium minerals.
  • Cherry jam is one of the important nutrients that reduce stress.
  • Cherry jam reduces the possibility of developing cancer, especially prostate and colon types.
  • Cherry jam is a very useful product for solving insomnia problems.
  • Cherry jam is also a very useful product for the proper functioning of the intestines.
  • Cherry jam can prevent heart disease by making the heart work properly.
  • Cherry jam is a food that has a cholesterol-regulating effect.
  • Thanks to the vitamin C in sour cherry jam, it strengthens the immune system.
  • Thanks to the vitamin A in sour cherry jam, it can also prevent vision problems.

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