Turkish Orange Jam

Turkish Cherry Jam
100% natural ingredients
no preservatives
no artificial flavors or colors
origin: TURKEY
Brand: ŞENER
Weıght: 380gr (glass jar)
Enjoy the rich, fruit-filled taste spread on toast, for a delicious breakfast or a simple but tasty snack!

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Orange jam is one of the most delicious jams produced for the consumption of orange, one of the most delicious fruits of winter, in all seasons. A unique taste emerges with the meeting of the taste of orange fruit and sugar. It is consumed very often with butter and cheese. but it is also frequently used in dessert making.

When it comes to winter fruits, one of the first fruits that come to mind is the orange. Its high vitamin C content helps to strengthen the immune system by supporting it. With this feature, the orange is like a medicine that is the source of healing offered by nature for the diseases seen in the winter season. Orange helps to prevent and cure many diseases. Not only with vitamin C but also with other vitamins and minerals it has.

People who want to taste the unique flavor of orange in every season and benefit from its benefits every season have sought ways to preserve it. Foods such as dried oranges and orange jam have emerged in this way. Orange jam is the most delicious way to consume the healing store orange in all seasons. It is loved and consumed by orange lovers.

Some benefits of orange jam
  • Strengthens the body’s immune system by supporting it. Thus, it helps to create an effective shield against diseases.
  • it is made with its peel. It is known that a component found in orange peel is good for some types of cancer and diseases caused by vascular occlusion.
  • According to studies, it has been observed that consuming oranges, their juice, or jam reduces the risk of leukemia cancer.
  • it is rich not only in vitamin C but also in B vitamins, magnesium, natural fibers, and calcium. These vitamins and minerals help many systems in our body to function in a healthy way.
  • In addition, other minerals in the orange jam are zinc, iron, and copper. As these minerals are good for many diseases, reducing stress is also very effective in preventing depression.

In order to benefit from all these benefits of orange jam, you should definitely try the orange jam produced with the assurance and experience of sener orange jam.


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