In this section, you can ask faqs about Turkey bazar. To get more information about Turkey Bazar may be FAQs will help you.
1. What Delivery Methods Are Available?

We have cash on delivery (COD) delivery method. It is very clear and easy for everyone. As a result, Turkey Bazar promises fast, reliable and, convenient delivery of products at your doorstep. We also provide a trouble-free shopping experience with home delivery, cash-on-delivery for shoppers across the country for the people of Bangladesh.

2. Do You Ship Internationally?

Turkey Bazar is a global online shopping platform. However, we do not ship internationally. Our company is now available in Bangladesh only. But our company have another branch in Bulgaria, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Srilanka.

3. How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

Turkey bazar delivers their customer parcel using Redex delivery company in Bangladesh. The Redex delivery company is working whole Bangladesh. In Dhaka city, we will deliver within 3-5 working days and, outside Dhaka city, we will deliver within 7 working days.

4. What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept cash on delivery payments in order to, gain customer trust and secure purchases. Especially for shoppers who do not have debit cards or credit cards Turkey Bazar provides a facility of online shopping with cash on delivery to your home.  Online shopping in Bangladesh only turkey bazar get the guarantee that after getting the product in hand check the quality and make the payment.

5. How do I place an Order?

You can place your order in our website , you can also place your order in our FB messenger and also our Hotline number +88 01843421116.

6. How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

There are two ways you can cancel or change your order. Firstly, you can cancel the order by contacting our customer service number directly after placing the order. Secondly, if your ordered product is picked up, you can cancel the order with a product return request to the deliveryman.

7. Do I need an account to place an order?

Yes, you can submit an order without creat an account. But, You need an account to live track your order in Turkey bazar.

8. How Do I Track My Order?

After submitting your order we will share with you the tracking number by mail and your personal number. As a result, you can track your product live from our website and also the delivery agent website.

9. How Can I Return a Product?

Turkey Bazar has an exclusive product return policy. If you received any kind of problematic product you have the right to return your product within 14 days.

If there is any error or dislike after delivery of the product, the product can be returned. After receiving the product, you can check and return the product to the delivery man immediately if there is any defect or dislike. You will not be charged for returning the product.
After receiving a returned product we will refund your money within 24 hours except for FRIDAY.We’re Here to Help ! Contact us